We’ve all been there – starving mid-flight, stuck in the airport with $7 water bottles or hangry looking for a decent stop on a road trip. It’s always better to be prepared! Make the healthy choice a convenient choice by packing our favorite travel snacks. Here are go-to snacks and tips for eating better on travel:

We love these minimally processed bars. Our favorite flavors include peanut butter and chocolate sea salt.
Jerky or Chomp Sticks
Pair jerky or meat sticks with a small piece of fruit for a well-rounded snack.
Raw Veggies
Our favorite raw veggies include: Persian cucumbers, bell peppers, snap peas, cherry tomatoes, carrots and jicama. Wash and cut at home or buy ready-to-eat veggies.
Piece of Fruit
Fruits that travel well include citrus and apples. We love bananas too – keep at the the top of your bag to avoid bruising and mushing.


Pack a simple sandwich like PB&J.

Pop yogurt in the freezer and pack yogurt frozen to keep cold for hours.
We love single serving packs from Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Enjoy on their own or with a piece of fruit.
Single Serving Nut Butter
We also love the convenience of single serving nut butters. Whole Foods and Sprouts have a wide selection. Pair with a small piece of fruit.
Water Bottle
Bring a reusable bottle to keep water convenient.
Tea Bags
Herbal tea offers a pop of flavor and makes hydration more interesting. Ask for a cup of hot water at a coffee shop or during a flight.
Pack 2 snacks per person. Think about 1 snack for the airport and 1 snack for the plane. For longer flights, pack leftovers in a disposable to-go container.

Bring a cooler to put your favorite foods on ice.

Many of these snacks are also great for a day at the beach or lake, hiking and day trips.

This post was written by RESULTS dietitian Madeleine Holloway.

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