Are you looking for realistic, sustainable weight loss or weight management strategies?

Eileen Maher, RD specializes in helping people make healthy lifestyle choices. She is an experienced dietitian who helps her clients with an individualized approach to weight loss and weight loss maintenance.

Eileen’s most successful clients:

– Trust the habit-change process
– Feel motivated to ditch fad diets and diet traps
– Make little goals and changes that build over time

Eileen is looking for clients who:

– Want legitimate nutrition advice from a trusted science-based expert
– Need nutrition support and professional guidance
– Are ready to shake things up

She is an experienced weight management coach and helps clients with sustainable weight loss. Most of Eileen’s clients have a deeper weight loss motivation: clients with PCOS prepping for fertility work-ups, candidates pursuing weight loss before joint replacement surgery and clients who want better eating habits for pain management. She is also experienced working with cancer patients, pre/post-surgery patients and pain management patients. Eileen enjoys working with clients in a way that is subtle, but has a lasting impact. She listens to your current routine (the good, the bad and the ugly) and guides you in focusing on small changes. Eileen firmly believes when the client leads the charge (with a knowledgeable and supportive dietitian by their side), one step at a time, a realistic and sustainable, new and improved eating pattern emerges. Eileen helps you define success not just by weight loss, but by the wins of creating new healthy eating routines that feel second nature.
What To Eat Before & After Your Workouts

What To Eat Before & After Your Workouts

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