Accountability Coaching

With RESULTS accountability and food coaching,  our nutritionists conveniently come to you via video conferencing or phone call. We work with you to develop solutions that are right for your lifestyle and goals, focusing on healthy habits you can realistically change while holding you accountable to your goals. Connect now with a Registered Dietitian and start to see RESULTS.

Struggling To Hold Yourself Accountable?

We know your life is stressful enough without having to worry about what to eat every day to see progress. RESULTS offers the accountability you need to stay on track. With personalized one-on-one support, we’ll work together to pave the most efficient way for you to achieve the results you desire.

How It Works

Complimentary Phone Call

Determine if we are a good fit for your needs and get all of your questions answered about our services. Schedule your free 15-minute phone call.

Initial Session

We will go over your completed intake forms in detail, establish short and long-term objectives and discuss immediate action steps. You will walk away with things to start working on immediately. Learn something worthwhile or your money back. Schedule your 1 hour assessment.

Follow Up Sessions

Meet with your personal nutritionist 2x per month for the highest rate of success in achieving your goals. Learn more.


Daniel T.

RESULTS Food Coaching provides uncomplicated, realistic, sustainable, and strategic nutrition, health, and fitness guidance. They helped me transform my lifestyle habits to fit my current needs and abilities, and provide enough accountability to help me successfully achieve my goals.


Kippi G.

I started working with RESULTS after receiving a recommendation from a fellow runner and the experience has been fantastic. The guidance, encouragement and expertise have been invaluable to me throughout my marathon trainings. RESULTS holds me accountable to what we are trying to accomplish.


Kyla K.

I have been with RESULTS for about two months now. What I like about this program is the goals they set for you are obtainable and there won’t any fad diets as those do NOT work. My coach keeps me on track and is available by phone for any questions I have such as what to eat when I go out to eat.

What To Eat Before & After Your Workouts

What To Eat Before & After Your Workouts

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