Just because I know the right things to do to be healthy doesn’t mean it’s easy. As an avid reader of various health and nutrition books, articles, and blogs, there is no doubt I have the knowledge needed to make healthy choices. However, between traveling multiple days a week, working long hours, attending professional and social functions where I can’t control the menu, and a deep love for food, wine and desserts, its not always easy to put this knowledge to good use. Enter RESULTS. We worked as a team to develop healthy, sustainable habits tailored to my lifestyle. Because of their knowledge and guidance, I have been able to remain active, energized, and fit while continuing to enjoy the foods I love, attend social events, and travel multiple days a week. Every time a friend complains about lack of motivation to be healthy, needing to lose weight, not having time to invest in their body, or feeling stressed about food, I say, ‘Call RESULTS!’

Jennifer R. – Attorney, Dallas TX


After several years of trying to lose some extra weight, I decided I needed an expert to guide me since I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. Simple recommendations and a whole foods approach worked for me. I saw results after the first visit and have maintained my weight loss for over a year now. The best thing about RESULTS is my dietitian helped me lose weight and improve my fitness within the confines of my hectic lifestyle. Nothing drastic…she simply arms you with the knowledge to make small changes that yield big results. I feel better, I look better, and I know I have the ability to sustain my results for the long term. I can truly say that RESULTS changed the trajectory of my life.

Liz W. – Political Director, Austin TX

When I started to intensify my workouts and up my triathlon distance races, I had no idea how dramatically that would affect my body’s energy. After our very first meeting I noticed huge differences in the way I felt. The hunger feeling would soon be gone, my stomach issues on the bike were fixed and by my ½ ironman I reached my goal weight. My nutrition plan was spot on and I crossed that finish line feeling amazing! The most important thing I learned from you is figuring out that proper nutrition doesn’t have to be a punishment.

Joey W. – Triathlete, Austin TX


Prior to discovering RESULTS, my biggest issue with healthy eating was discipline and accountability. Now I can proudly say that I no longer have those issues. Not only did my dietitian help me reach my short-term goals, she helped change my lifestyle by creating healthy habits. In my opinion, RESULTS dietitians are the best in the business and I highly recommend!

Brandon W. – Engineer, Angola, Africa


For most of my adult life I have battled with my weight and struggled with what to eat. We set goals that are attainable, and focus on them weekly. My dietitian also provides me with tools to help me achieve these goals, and incorporate habits into my life that I would not have otherwise considered. Because of these changes, I feel better than I have in many years. Working with RESULTS has changed my life.

Bethany G. – CPA, Los Angeles CA


The change has been pretty remarkable. My weight is down and I am feeling much better with less joint pain and I have more energy. The reduced joint pain has been a major benefit as I can now walk for several miles without having pain in my feet, ankles and knees. I have reduced my cravings dramatically and I have had several people comment that my weight loss in the last couple of months has been noticeable. It is always nice to have a support team and my dietitian is smart, knowledgeable, funny and a good listener.

David I. – Photographer, Austin, TX

Today I feel like a new person. Thanks to you! You taught me a new superpower. Foods don’t control me because I can say no. I learned to define my goals and (mostly) stick to them. I feel more confident in my skin than ever before because now I’m in control when and where to indulge with the foods that are worth it without losing focus. It didn’t come easy, but it was so worth it.

Mareike J. – Business Owner & Mom, San Jose CA

RESULTS. was instrumental in developing and leading a company-wide healthy lifestyle initiative. They figured out how to use technology to create resources for our nationwide and busy workforce. RESULTS. also came up with a great game to increase engagement and make everyone have more fun while getting healthier. What they presented was relatable and practical, and it was clear that they were experts in a wide variety of topics. I know for a fact that they made a difference in the lifestyle and understanding of many of my coworkers.

David L. – Project Manager, Denver CO

As President of Lincoln Industries, I am proud to say that our total wellbeing process is one of the best in the country. I was impressed by RESULTS.’ ability to seamlessly integrate into our unique culture and completely customize the nutrition work for our diverse workforce. RESULTS. designed a 12-month team-based nutrition process for our top performers – 84% of them said they performed better at work and 100% of them said they felt better after the program. Success!

Hank O. – President, Lincoln, NE

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