If you’re skipping breakfast to save calories and later in the day eat everything in sight, skipping breakfast isn’t working for you. 

Many of our clients who struggle with consistency, start with the mindset that if they have a big breakfast, they will still overeat later in the day. Eating a small breakfast is exactly why you are hungry later in the day! This type of restriction (even if you feel you don’t need breakfast because you have 2 Cups of coffee or iced black tea all day) is why you may feel the need to eat everything in sight after 3pm. 

If you skip breakfast and mid-day crave all the foods, not eating breakfast and general poor fueling may be causing a snowball effect later in the day. 

Shift your mindset that eating breakfast sets you up for success and keeps your engine fueled, rather than thinking it means you will burn through your Caloric “budget” for the day. 

If you skip meals with the hope that it will help you reach your goals, stop it! Skipping meals more often creates a frustrated relationship with food, which none of us have time for this year! 

If you’re thinkinking of coffee as your breakfast, think again! Coffee is not a meal. A common reason to skip over breakfast for 2-3 coffees instead – “Well I don’t feel hungry.” And while it may feel counterintuitive if you are trying to listen to your body more and you may be thinking – “isn’t one principal of listening to your body eating only when you are hungry?” Not exactly! Caffeine suppresses appetites which is one of the reasons it’s added in many weight loss supplements. 

Food is your body’s preferred source of energy so with a cup of coffee try make-ahead egg bites, overnight oatmeal or even last night’s dinner leftovers. If you just have that hankering for coffee flavor and want to turn your coffee into a breakfast, try a cold brew smoothie with Greek yogurt and banana or add 1-2 scoops flavorless collagen peptides protein with brewed coffee and milk. 

We are all about enjoying a few cups of coffee or tea, but if you are using these drinks as an energy source instead of food, you may be working against your body. Stop thinking of these caffeinated drinks as fuel for your body! 

Do you want to build a healthier relationship with food and better understand how to fuel your body? Get started working with a RESULTS Registered Dietitian today.  

What To Eat Before & After Your Workouts

What To Eat Before & After Your Workouts

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