Touted as a “miracle” morning drink for fat loss, here’s the real, scientific deal with lemon water.  The usual claims I’ve heard about the benefits of drinking lemon water – it improves energy, improves or aids digestion, controls or reduces hunger, helps assist metabolic processes or enhances mental clarity. 

But here’s the thing, drinking simply plain water and staying well hydrated does all of these things. Lemon water does not have unique properties to help with the above claims. These are the benefits of being well hydrated. Water is essential for the human body (we are 70% water, our brains 75% water) so if you don’t currently drink enough water, you’ll likely notice a positive difference if you just drank more sufficient water for your body’s needs (lemon water or not). The extra 8-12oz water in the morning would add to total daily hydration. 

Whether you add a slice of lemon, orange, cucumber to water, the simple intention to start you day with a large glass of hot, warm, room temperature or cold water is improving your overall hydration which will likely improve how you feel overall. 

Be well!

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