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Cooking at home is one of the keys to healthy eating, but that comes with some extra time and effort in the kitchen. What about those nights when you get home late, you’re hungry and you still have a million things to do? Some of our favorite go-to meals in a pinch include traditional breakfast foods with a dinner spin. Foods typically saved for the first meal of the day tend to be easier to prepare (as nobody with a busy schedule is going to be slow roasting a piece of meat before work!). See below for some quick and delicious dinner alternatives for chaotic evenings.

Smoked Salmon Breakfast Salad With Crispbread via Bon Appetit (pictured above) – “Everything good about a lox and bagel sandwich minus the bagel.”

Healthy Huevos Rancheros via The Whole Tara – “The typical huevos rancheros can be greasy, cheesy, and fried, but I’m keeping it clean with this version.”


photo credit The Whole Tara

Broccoli Cheddar Frittata via Greatist – “Try serving this perfectly cheesy one with a side of roasted root veggies.”


photo credit Greatist

Avocado and Egg Breakfast Pizza via The Kitchn – “Avocado. Fried eggs. Pizza dough…combining three of the world’s greatest foods.”

avocado pizza

photo credit The Kitchn

Tomato, Grits and Sausage via Oprah – “Bobby Deen lightens up classic Southern grits by cooking them in low-sodium chicken broth instead of cream or whole milk (this trick also adds savory depth).”


photo credit Oprah / Ben Fink

Six Minute Breakfast Taco via Food 52 – “I timed my last Monday morning breakfast taco, and the whole thing took six minutes from start to finish, including time to take a photograph and shoo the cat off the counter.”

breakfast taco

photo credit Food 52 / Boston to Berkeley

Baked Eggs with Greens via Brooklyn Supper – “Initially conceived as a way to use lots of greens, it turns out this recipe is also really, really delicious.”

greens gratin

photo credit Brooklyn Supper

Breakfast foods are wonderful. Why limit them to the morning?

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