Apprehensive about going grocery shopping? There are things you can do to make sure you are as safe as possible when grocery shopping during COVID-19. We are sharing a list of what you can do to have a safe grocery shopping trip.

  • Follow government recommendations and guidelines. Keep a 6 foot distance from other shoppers and employees.Avoid touching your face, nose and eyes. Wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer when hand washing is unavailable to you.
  • Use a wipe to sanitize the handle of your cart. bring your own if you have them so you don’t have to hunt them down or worry about them being out.
  • Only touch what you plan to buy. Be mindful of surfaces and objects you touch.
  • Be courteous to other shoppers. Give them space. Avoid crowded aisles. You can come back.
  • Consider going to a less populated, local grocery store.
  • Go to the grocery store after the first few hours of opening.
  • Plan 1-2 weeks worth of meals, snacks and drinks.

We are here to help you stay healthy and well during shelter in place. Our clients report feeling well prepared with meal plans and stocked on healthy foods. Schedule a free call with a dietitian to get your questions answered about our nutrition services and get started working together.

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