Aren’t they one in the same? Not quite. In fact, after reading this, you may find yourself pondering your word choice come January.

A goal is defined as, “An object of a person’s effort: a desired result,” while a resolution is “A firm decision to do or not to do something.” If there is a specific result; ie, to lose 10 pounds, it is a goal; while the daily decisions you make to attain that specific goal are your resolutions. In order to lose 10 pounds (goal) I will spend 30 minutes exercising 5 days a week (resolution).

Why are the two dependent on one another? Why should we pair our New Years Resolution to a goal? To illustrate why, let’s review an acronym I like to use for goal writing, known as WOOP!

Wish —What is an important wish you want to accomplish in __ time?

Outcome — What will be the result of accomplishing your wish? How will you feel?

Obstacle —What are the obstacles that might prevent you from accomplishing it?

Plan — What is your plan for overcoming those obstacles?

Without a Plan (resolution); we are more likely to fall victim to the obstacles that keep us from achieving our desired Wish (goal).

What is your goal for 2019? More importantly, what do you plan to do to accomplish it? Click on the link below to learn how to develop and execute your (new) New Years Resolution.

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