CrossFit has garnered quite the reputation – some of it very positive, of course, but some of it also not-so-positive. As with most stereotypes, the negative ones are often perpetuated by those who have had very little interaction with the stereotyped population. We spent some time with Brett Davis, a CrossFit athlete and employee, and we walked away with a new perspective.


Although Brett started his career in banking, CrossFit had such an impact on his life that he switched industries altogether. He is now the head of Business Development for NC Fitness, the parent company of NorCal CrossFit. When questioned about why he made the leap, Brett explained, “Fitness has a domino effect on peoples’ lives. I wanted to share the accessibility of CrossFit and the positive potential it carries with more people.”

The key word there is accessibility. When we worked out at NorCal Crossfit in San Jose, we were impressed with both the workout itself and the diversity of the participants. A common thread in our discussions with Brett was how different CrossFit is from the games you see on TV.

“It’s fun to watch the CrossFit Games on TV,” Brett said, “but that’s not CrossFit. It’s the mom who just had twins and hasn’t worked out in 2 years. She wants to be social and have fun while also getting healthier. It’s a more fun way to spend the hour of your day working out than dreading the cardio machines in a gym.”

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According to Brett, the ideal CrossFit member is anybody who is looking to improve their overall health and better themselves as a whole. This is very different than the super buff and intense athlete many people think of as the CrossFit target demographic.

“We are trying to cultivate peoples’ lives for longevity,” Brett declared. “CrossFit is a lifestyle where you prioritize your health. We are trying to make them stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally. We want to make sure we are playing an integral part in making people mindful about their health when they walk through the door.” As nutritionists, this is clearly something we can get behind.

Furthermore, Brett’s description of CrossFit’s philosophy on health and fitness aligns directly with ours: “Nutrition is the foundation that leads to everything else. What you’re putting in your body has an impact on how you perform. Commit to a lifestyle change and avoid diet trends. Stick to a workout routine that’s fun and that you look forward to doing.”

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Brett Davis is not only a CrossFit athlete and employee, he is a passionate advocate of health and fitness for the masses. Rather than dwelling on the negative stereotypes that Brett easily dismissed, we encourage you to check out NC Fitness. We are confident your experience will be different than expected.

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