Featured Client: Katie S., Nurse Navigator

Katie is a rock star. She has been through more than you know in the past 2 years, yet she continues to not make excuses when it comes to her health. You think you’ve had it hard? Well she’s had it harder. And she still shows up to every nutrition session with an open mind and willingness to commit to change. Katie does not follow a specific diet or eat perfectly. Instead, she has adapted her lifestyle to include regular meals full of nutrient dense foods most of the time. See below for a quick Q&A with an inspirational person on her way to living an even richer life.

What has been the hardest part about changing your eating habits?

KS: Creating new routines to support and encourage the changes I’ve made in my diet and exercise. If the routine is in place and I’m having an off day I’m more likely to make healthy choices and stick to my goals. It’s the hardest and in the end most fulfilling part of the process for me.

How do you stay motivated?

KS: My mantra is try, try, try. I realize that change is possible. That if I set small goals and stick to them I will see results. I also am learning a new way to relate to food and learning to be more reasonable about my food. I’ve gained confidence.

Why do you continue to work with RESULTS?

KS: What we talk about is about every part of me, not just counting calories in a vacuum. I think it comes down to the fact that we have a relationship and I feel supported by you. It’s a really big deal to me that you are always the same positive supportive person when we work together week to week. I have a fear that people will give up on me and I don’t think you will do that.

You’re right, Katie. We won’t give up on you! Congrats on your continued success due to your incredible perseverance.

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What To Eat Before & After Your Workouts

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