Teresa Estill is an absolute stud who has taught fitness and wellness in the Bay Area for over 30 years. Her mission statement for her business, Pilates by Teresa, is as follows: “Empower my clients to unlock their amazing internal potential to live the joyous lives they have always desired and deserved, enriched with health and wellness.”

We were honored to interview Teresa this month as she shared so many priceless words of wisdom. Check out our Q & A session with Teresa below to get a fresh take on what it means to be healthy.

RESULTS (R): How do you manage to stay so fit as a super busy small business owner?

TERESA (T): I don’t workout enough for myself. I give it all to my clients, and I get tired! I swim, I walk and I do non-exercise activities to keep me balanced. I add more play to my life – especially with my grandbabies. I’m always on the go, so eating is a challenge too, but I manage it well.

R: What’s your general approach to food and nutrition?

T: It’s the fuel for the body. Without eating nutritious foods, you can’t live a healthy lifestyle. Food is the root of everything. I can make you strong, but unless you feed that body your workouts are not productive. My challenge personally is getting enough protein. I love fruits and vegetables, so I try to add yogurt and keep hard boiled eggs around.

R: What’s one healthy food that is always in your fridge? (see her actual fridge in the picture below!)

T: Lettuce, kale and spinach. I put it in smoothies in the morning. I stir fry it and I make salads. It’s a real staple.

Teresa Fridge

R: If I were coming over for dinner tonight, what would you make me?

T: One of the things I love to cook is fish. I would also do a vegetable, a big salad and a good grain like a wild rice mix. I’ve got some fresh peaches, so I’d do some kind of mango-peach salsa thing on top.

R: Any advice for people looking to live a healthier lifestyle?

T: Find something that you want to do and do it. If you like to walk, walk. Try not to force yourself into a place where people think you should be. The best workout is one you want to do. Do what you want to do first and then you will find that you seek a higher level. Also, try finding a group you indentify with. In my classes, friendships develop and now they have support.

R: What type of person should come see you?

T: I have a really great niche. The number one reason that people that see me is people that generally do not like a gym atmosphere and are intimidated by the gym. My fitness classes aim for calorie expenditure and strength; my pilates classes deal with core and total body strength. My classes are tolerant, inviting and accepting of everyone. They are designed around real bodies – women with breasts, hips and stomachs that get in the way of traditional pilates movements.

R: How do you encourage people to stay motivated?

T: I’m an entertainer, so you hear funny stories and information you can take and share when you come to my class. People are afraid they will miss something because I try to make them special. I try to empower them.

R: Do you have a book that has really influenced you?

T: “Brooke Siler – The Pilates Body” is my bible for how I teach. It’s just a wonderful educational book for everyone, not just for pilates teachers. It has pictures and diagrams to really help. Pilates is harder than anything sometimes!

R: Why should someone work with you?

T: I provide a safe place. I’m not going to hurt them… most of the time! I’ve been in the business since 1983. I’ve seen things come and go – fads, diets, workouts. With those years have come a wisdom. When I work with people, I can tell what they need in a gentle way. One of my strengths is being able to identify what my students need without forcing it down their throat. I also hit 2 conventions a year, and I provide my students with the latest education. I think of myself as an educator, a health educator.

Check out Teresa’s website and facebook page for more info. To schedule an appointment with Teresa, click here.

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