Our team has received more and more questions about fad diets, diet pills and weight loss supplements. From probiotics to raspberry ketone pills, we want to be clear here: there is no pill that definitively works for sustainable long-term weight loss. 

As we spend more time on the internet on our phones and computers, we have to be educated consumers and be aware of fad diets and diet scams being marketed online. 

We understand the appeal of wanting to lose weight fast, but over-the-counter diet supplements are highly concerning since these products are not regulated. The effects of these supplements are unknown and many cited studies are biased.

Limited research makes it difficult to judge the safety of weight-loss supplements and many “clinically proven” claims are funded by the manufacturer. A supplement or weight loss product isn’t necessarily safe simply because it’s natural. 

Fad diets aren’t just a waste of money.  Research shows weight cycling aka yo-yo dieting has negative effects on overall health and the ability to long-term maintain a healthy weight range. This means strict, restrictive fad diets may result in short term weight fluctuations, but overall make it harder to maintain a healthy weight range long term. 

We want to help you find freedom from fad dieting. Here’s what to look for to spot a fad diet:

  • Exaggerated or unreasonable weight loss claims
    • Example: Drop 10 lbs in 2 weeks.  
  • Claims that a specific food will result in weight loss or cure a disease
    • Example: Green tea extract is a fat burner and helps to prevent cancer. 
  • Claims for a scientific breakthrough, frequently using personal testimonies 
    • Example: [Celebrity]’s weight loss from a revolutionary program that works!
  • Promises that physical activity is not necessary
    • Example: Melt fat away -no diet or exercise required!

For additional information, check out the Fact Sheet For Consumers from the National Institutes of Health 

The bottom line: if the claim sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Leave the quick fix, restrictive fad diets behind. Let’s work together and find a sustainable and enjoyable way of eating for lifelong health and overall wellness.

Schedule a complimentary call to get started working with a RESULTS dietitian.

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