Last year Madeleine shared 5 favorite healthy foodie Instagram accounts. We’re still obsessed as ever with these 5 healthy inspo accounts here, but wanted to provide an updated addition of 5 more accounts we think you should follow!
An informative and credible account from a fellow Registered Dietitian. Jennifer Anderson tackles how to frame language around eating and food to kids to cultivate a positive relationship with food. Whether or not you have kids, this account provides constant ideas of how to add more variety in your diet and Jennifer tackles common nutrition Q&A weekly from her followers.
Feeling in a rut with healthy-ish eating? Tiegan Gerard makes the most mouth watering meals to stir up inspiration in the kitchen. Every recipe I’ve tried from this food blogger is amazing. Tiegan also came out with a Super Simple cookbook which includes Instapot, overnight and meal prep recipes.
Healthy and easy recipes using simple ingredients – Carissa Stanton’s bio says it all. Ingredients (mostly) from Trader Joe’s and recipes that are crave worthy, this account features healthy-ish copycat recipes like Taco Bell mexican pizza, In-and-Out sauce and Mendocino Farms curry cous cous. Notably, the non-restrictive and body positive account highlights a realistic and positive way to think about “healthy” eating.
Diane Morrisey is one of the best story creators on Instagram! Diane does full step by step tutorials (like a cooking show) for recipes ranging from her traditional Italian and Irish roots to vegetarian meals and crowd pleasers for her family of 8. Not all meals she makes are necessarily “healthy”, but all are homemade, most are from scratch and we’re firm believers in 80/20 balance.
From baked goods to warming soups, Erin is constantly delivering mouth-watering recipes for every meal or snack of the day. A focus on minimally processed ingredients and recipes to please every palate makes her account a must to follow.

Bonus Accounts

Be sure to check out RESULTS and RESULTS dietitians on Instagram for healthy recipes and nutrition tips:
– RESULTS. @resultspfc
– Madeleine Holloway, RD @dietitianish
– Michelle Baker, MS RD @michelle_the_nutritioner
– Marija Cacovski, RD @spoonmeetsskillet
– Martha Lawder, MS RD @marthalynnrdn
– Eileen Maher, MS RD @eileenmaherdietetics
If you need support and accountability with healthy eating, schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation to see if working with RESULTS is a good fi
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