Don’t get me wrong, I love holiday sweets. In fact, I am lucky enough to receive some from friends that I look forward to every single year: frosted chocolate chunk brownies, mini m&m sugar cookies, and a giant classic chocolate chip cookie to name a few.

That being said, we all tend to be exposed to A LOT of sweets this time of year. While I would never encourage you to stop making your great grandma’s peppermint bark that everyone looks forward to annually, sometimes it’s a welcome respite when someone stops by with a not-so-sweet treat. To help you get creative, I have found 5 recipes for a small gift that don’t fall into the sweets category. I know that any of these would be welcome on my front porch this month! (hint, hint)

1) Gingerbread Nut Butter via Lexi’s Clean Kitchen
2) Peppermint Body Scrub via Pop Sugar
3) Spicy Beer Mustard via Food & Wine
4) Jalapeno Ho Ho Hot Sauce via All Recipes
5) Vegetarian 5-Bean Soup Mix via Back to Her Roots

Photo credit: PopSugar
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