We all get burnt out from home made meals and cooking from scratch. We encourage clients to find a flexible lifestyle that allows for a few meals out a week. We know a healthy lifestyle is an 80/20 balance and encourage our clients to push back on all or nothing habits. The concept of a cheat day or cheat meal leaves most of us with a food hangover and feelings of overdoing it. It is possible to eat out and still feel on track with your health and wellness goals. 

Even when you try to make a healthy choice eating out, restaurant foods typically come in larger portions (2-4 servings!) and just ordering a salad is not necessarily the healthier or most satisfying choice. Here are our tips for making more balanced choices eating out. 

1.Fill ½ plate with veggies

Order an extra side of veggies with your meal. Adding extra veggies can look a few different ways – subbing fries for a side salad, adding a vegetable broth based soup or a la carte side of veggie (bottom or side of the menu). 

2. Save ½ for leftovers 

Portions eating out are often easily 2 servings. While there mostly are veggies, protein and carbohydrate in entrees – the portions are of these are often out of whack and larger than a single serving. Save ½ for leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day. You may even be able to use the leftovers in a different way the dish was served! 

3. Enjoy chips or bread with dinner. 

We tend to overeat when bread and chips are served on an empty stomach. It’s a natural reaction! To leave dinner feeling energized and aligned with your goals. 

Bonus: Drink water

Skip sodas and sugary drinks with empty Calories from drinks with added sugars. Drinking water with your meals! 

What To Eat Before & After Your Workouts

What To Eat Before & After Your Workouts

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