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Do you know that cherry season is only about 6 weeks long? In California, it quickly runs from about mid-May through June. This super short season leads to an incredibly high demand, so get the fresh ones while you can! During the remainder of the year though, frozen cherries are the way to go.

Cherries contain an incredible amount of antioxidants and are potent fighters of inflammation. They are also one of the only foods to have naturally occurring melatonin, a hormone that lowers body temperature and makes us sleepy. Here are 3 different ways to incorporate the cherry, an often overlooked health food.

1) Add frozen cherries, walnuts, a scoop of greek yogurt and a touch of maple syrup to steaming hot oatmeal. Your morning will never be the same!

2) Blend 1c. frozen cherries, 1 banana, ½ c. milk of choice and 1 t. vanilla or almond extract for a crazy refreshing treat. We love this smoothie before a tough workout.

3)For a 20-minute meal that is elegant enough to serve at a dinner party, try this Chicken with Cherry-Wine Pan Sauce from Iowa Girl Eats. The cherries really make this dish stand out.

How do you like to eat your frozen cherries?

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