Hear from our clients why working with an expert is the way to go if you want to see real RESULTS.

1. Stop Using Google as a Nutrition Coach

I’ve been working RESULTS for the past few months and it’s been a really positive experience. I wanted help with food choices, sugar management, and meal planning for my family, and we have made so much progress. I am managing my time, cooking from scratch and eating more vegetables than I ever have in my life. Most importantly I have felt in the past my relationship with food could be toxic, and I have learned to manage this, and appreciate food, and not live in “all or nothing” mode. I am done using Google as my nutrition coach, I am grateful I can let an expert sort that out for me!

Stephanie B.

2. Convenient Video Sessions

Everyone should talk to a nutritionist. I’ve improved my nutrition and energy levels just from a few emails and Skype calls with actionable information from RESULTS. Make time for this, it is worth every penny!”

Alex G.

3. Ditch Strict, Low Carb and Restrictive Diets

For the last two years, I have been stuck on the famous “keto diet”, which had me eating a pretty strict, low carb diet. However, over the last 6 months or so, I hit a plateau with weight loss, my digestion was not consistent and my overall energy had diminished. For the most part, I am a healthy eater and I work out regularly, but the little things were starting to add up. I knew I needed a change, but I was not confident to tweak things on my own. After working with a RESULTS dietitian, I have learned how to strategically add high quality carbs back into my diet and now have a plethora of great meal ideas to plan with my busy schedule. I have already seen gradual changes in my weight and great improvements with my digestion. My dietitian was understanding of my lifestyle, easy to talk to and helped with the simple and realistic tweaks to my eating habits. I finally feel confident and educated in what I am putting in my body.

Sia S.

4. Learn Small Tweaks That Make a Difference

I exercise and know basic proper nutrition but at 53 with a few life changes, I was seeing my weight creep higher than I like. Within a few sessions, I’ve made small tweaks to my routine that are making a difference. My dietitian has coached me on pre/post workout choices, given me meal plans and suggested balanced snacks. She has created a plan that feels healthy, balanced and not too restrictive to maintain. She has encouraged me to email questions and upcoming restaurants to help with menu choices. I have found my dietitian to be organized, responsive and easy to work with. Just what I was looking for!

Julie G.

5. Unparalleled Level of Service

RESULTS has had an incredible impact on my workout performance, energy, and sleep cycle. My dietitian is incredibly responsive and knowledgeable. The level of service is unparalleled. As an example, I travel quite a bit as a tech executive and I will text her a link to the restaurant in my hotel. She will get back to me ASAP on suggested healthy items I can order. She is AWESOME! We check-in every two weeks and she is extremely informative with any questions or challenges I am having. From helping me gain better performance on my daily morning workouts with a healthy energy snack before I workout to giving me recommendations on natural supplements to aid in improving my sleep cycle. If you are looking for someone to help you improve your overall health…she is a must have on your team!

Joseph B.

6. Understand Your Body Better

RESULTS is awesome! My dietitian is so knowledgeable and helpful. I have been consulting with her for 8 months now and I couldn’t be happier with the results! I feel I understand my body better now and I know the diet that works for me which allows me to continue to lose weight in a sustainable and maintainable way!

Mohamed M.

7. Accountability and Unlimited Support

Working with RESULTS has been one of the best decisions I have made. After giving birth to my second child, I was 30 pounds heavier than my pre-baby self and feeling like nothing I was doing was working to lose weight.Over the last 4 months since I’ve been working with RESULTS, I’ve lost almost 15 pounds.

My dietitian has provided tasty and realistic meal plans that have made it easier for me to eat better. I am now more conscious of what I am eating and also better at planning ahead so I can stay on track.She has been a great companion in my journey, providing helpful tips and advice along the way. I can’t thank her enough. It’s been a life-changing experience and I will be using some of my favorite recipes and tips for years to come. I highly recommend RESULTS if you need a plan to lose weight and keep it off for the long-term!

Neelam M.

8. Change Your Mindset

I had an instant connection with my dietitian. She listens more than she talks which is so refreshing!!! What I like about this program is the goals they set for you are obtainable and there won’t any fad diets as those do NOT work. My coach keeps me on track and is available by phone for any questions I have such as what to eat when I go out to eat. I have slowly learned to change my mind set which I haven’t been able to do in my entire life, This has changed my life in many ways. I definitely could not do this on my own. She also boosts me up when I have “bad days” because let’s face it, we all have bad days. As my coach explains, it’s okay to not be perfect, it’s how we can move forward and make better choices the next day!!

Kyla K.

9. Make Healthier Choices

I always turned to the gym to make up for my failures with the fork. But, as I turned 40 and faced an intense work and travel schedule, my body wasn’t as forgiving. I was soon living in a body I didn’t recognize. With my dietitian’s help, I’ve been able to refocus my efforts and gain control again. For the first time in years, I’m not “dieting”. I’m making healthier food choices.

My dietitian’s expert advice and guidance have helped me really understand nutrition and, more importantly, how I can make food work for me. Her guidelines are invaluable! Whether I’m in my routine at home or on the road, I can easily follow them. After a few months, I feel and look better. My fitness and sleep have improved. The results have exceeded my expectations!

Nicole P.

10. Freedom from Fad Diets

RESULTS literally changed my life by guiding me to eat the proper foods for my body. The goal oriented process helped keep me on track, and reminded me that a healthy lifestyle is a journey not an overnight process. I highly recommend RESULTS to anyone who is constantly wondering which diet fad to try next, as she has taught me that each person is unique in their own weight loss needs and the fads aren’t always beneficial to everyone. RESULTS is convenient, helpful, and always available, and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to change their life.

Mary B.

11. Measure Progress Beyond The Scale

RESULTS is a WONDERFUL source for nutrition advice, support, and encouragement. I hired RESULTS to help me get healthy when I felt like I was in a rut and not making any personal progress. My dietitian helped me analyze my nutrition and exercise choices, and set achievable goals to make a difference in those choices going forward. We had calls to check in and she was not judgmental, was encouraging, and held me accountable. I lost weight, had more energy, and felt so much better. I love that RESULTS does not focus exclusively on pounds but provides a more comprehensive service to help her clients feel and look better! I absolutely recommend RESULTS to anyone looking for some help and a change to their health!

Sandra G.


I can’t say enough wonderful things about RESULTS! They live up to their name. My dietitian is smart, fun and will work tirelessly with you to help you achieve your goals. She has an infectious attitude towards healthy living that makes you feel empowered and not guilty for not living like a dietary saint. I highly recommend RESULTS!

Shannon A.

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