Heather Golubski

Registered Dietitian

  • Registered Dietitian since 2011
  • In-House Dietitian at Pure Austin Fitness (Named “Best Gym in the Nation” in 2015 by Huffington Post)

While a lot of Heather’s life revolves around food and nutrition now, that wasn’t always the case. She never had to worry much about what she ate growing up, as a hectic schedule of multiple competitive sports kept her active. When the practices and tournaments ended in college, Heather still didn’t know how to have a balanced diet or eat for her health; poor diet choices, lack of sleep, and high stress levels combined for a quick weight gain her freshman year. This lead her to taking a general nutrition course. She loved the program so much, she changed her major from Architecture to Dietetics, and the rest is history!

Heather’s first job was the sole dietitian for Barker Bariatric Clinic in Dallas, Texas. She counseled bariatric surgery patients on pre- and post-surgical nutrition, as well as long-term healthy behaviors and dietary modifications. She has experience as a health coach with multiple corporate wellness companies, having earned her Certification in Health and Wellness Coaching through WellCoaches. This taught her effective techniques for coaching individuals on behavior change that will last a lifetime. Heather also has extensive experience working with active populations of all ages, helping them fuel for performance as well as for aesthetics and improved health. She helped develop the nutrition program for Camp Gladiator called CG FIT, which now reaches thousands of Camp Gladiator customers each time it is completed.

Heather reaches her clients by practicing what she preaches. She won’t make recommendations that she wouldn’t or couldn’t follow, and is working on her own goals right alongside you. She is disappointed in the restrictive diet culture that is so prevalent in today’s society, and instead believes in the nutrition philosophy of “All Foods Fit”. She loves being able to use evidence-based nutrition information help her clients find a balance in everyday life, teaching them how to make time for fitness, food, friends, and family while still achieving health goals. Restrictive diets lead to unhealthy relationships with food, as well as being unrealistic, unsustainable, and unenjoyable; Heather will help you learn how to be flexible with your diet and to develop behaviors that will stick for a lifetime. Heather is passionate about helping people get real – get real about their health goals, get real about the excuses that hold them back, and get REAL results when they put in the work.

What To Eat Before & After Your Workouts

What To Eat Before & After Your Workouts

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