30-Day Meal Planning Challenge

Save time, simplify your life and make healthy eating easier.

Why Take This Challenge?

Eating well with a busy schedule is tough.  When you wait until you are tired or hungry to make decisions about food, your choices don’t tend to align with your health goals.  Yet planning all of your meals out feels downright overwhelming. This challenge will break things down for you over the month to show you how doable meal planning can be, no matter your lifestyle.  With small assignments several times a week, you will be organized enough to make reasonably healthy choices without having to spend all Sunday cooking.  If you want to decrease the amount of time you spend worrying about what you will eat, this challenge is for you.
*There’s no special equipment or food needed, and this challenge is perfect for all types of diets, health goals and travel schedules.

What You’ll Get:

Weekly Emails – 3 emails per week full of tips, recipes, resources and sample meal plans
Weekly Videos – In-depth coverage about how to make meal planning work for you
Answers & Advice – Access to Registered Dietitians all month long to get your questions answered

Topics Include:

– Quit Waiting for Everything to be Perfect
– Our Favorite Meal Planning Tools
– The 3 Styles Of Meal Planning – Which is Right for You?
– You Don’t Have to Be a Chef or a Nutritionist to Eat Well
– Batch Cooking Basics

We’re excited to provide you with all of the guidance and tools you need to finally make meal planning happen. Let us help you plan for success!

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