When you have a problem, you consult an expert

RESULTS Professional Food Coaching is a team of Registered Dietitians who use their extensive clinical training and experience to help you understand what and how to eat to feel your best. We aren’t a diet company – we don’t have strict rules, weigh ins, supplements or shame “bad eating”. Weight loss may be a long term result of our habit changes but not the focus. We genuinely meet you where you are at and recommend ways to work with your lifestyle and food preferences, not against them.

Your dietitian will help you make intentional, science-backed tweaks to get you closer to your goals in a sustainable, maintainable way. Whether you are trying to feed yourself and your family, improve your lab numbers or want to educate yourself on what healthy means for you, we are your expert.



You need a professional nutrition expert to help guide you in making sustainable and effective changes to your diet.

When something needs to be fixed, you hire a professional to help out.

If you want to see real, lasting impacts from intentionally changing your diet, meeting with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is the way to go. We deeply understand nutrition from a scientific perspective and help you apply practical, realistic ways to reach your goals and improve your relationship with food.




Please don’t confuse the terms! Literally anybody can call themselves a nutritionist regardless of their training…or lack thereof. Becoming a Registered Dietitian requires rigorous academics. It takes thousands of hours to become a Registered Dietitian and continuing education is required to maintain credential. 

There are a growing number of nutrition enthusiasts and an overwhelming amount of information on Google about nutrition. Even when you aren’t looking, we are constantly bombarded with nutrition trends and fad diets. Formal training and Registered Dietitian credentials are vital because what might work for one person may be totally inappropriate, ineffective, or even harmful to another person.

If you are looking to change your diet, seek a professional Registered Dietitian to help you make effective, science-based changes.

Choose a time that is convenient for you, reserve your spot and we will call you at the time of your appointment. No credit cards required.

Get Started. 

With RESULTS coaching, you have an expert advising your nutrition and lifestyle. RESULTS Registered Dietitians conveniently come to you via video conferencing or phone call and work with you to develop solutions that are right for your lifestyle and goals, focusing on healthy habits you can realistically change.

Connect now with a Registered Dietitian and start to see RESULTS.

All coaching services are conveniently provided via video-conferencing and phone call.

Complimentary Phone Call

Determine if we are a good fit for your needs and get all of your questions answered about our services. Schedule your free 15-minute phone call.

Initial Session

We will go over your completed intake forms in detail, establish short and long-term objectives and discuss immediate action steps. You will walk away with things to start working on immediately. Learn something worthwhile or your money back. Schedule your 1 hour assessment.

Follow Up Sessions

Meet with your personal nutritionist every 2 weeks for the highest rate of success in achieving your goals. Stay in contact with unlimited text and email support included between sessions. Learn more.

Struggling to Find Balance?

We know your life is stressful enough without having to worry about what to eat every day to see progress. We are experts in health and nutrition so you don’t have to be. Our mission is to pave the most efficient way for you to achieve the results you desire.


We can help you sort through the loads of information out there by creating a clear and tailored plan to get you where you want to go. We believe that eating real and nourishing food is not only delicious and enjoyable; it is essential for day-to-day performance and a healthy life.

Our Clients

We work with people who are frustrated with their current health, body and/or performance. Our clients understand the basics of healthy eating and are exercising fairly regularly, but they still can’t seem to reach their health goals. They are seeking the additional support, accountability and expertise needed to make lasting changes within the context of their lifestyle.

I realized that my busy lifestyle definitely calls for a built-in accountability system. Meeting with you forces me to continue setting health goals and doesn’t allow me to push health to the back of the priority pile when things go crazy.

Liz W.

Austin, TX

This is the only time in my life that I have been able to maintain weight loss. I finally realized that reaching a weight, or a specific goal is not the end – but that I need to continue to work on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Having your support is instrumental to my continued success with maintaining this lifestyle.

Bethany G.

Los Angeles, CA

After our very first meeting I noticed huge differences in the way I felt… and by my ½ ironman I reached my goal weight. The most important thing I learned from you is figuring out that proper nutrition doesn’t have to be a punishment.

Joey W.

Austin, TX

What We Do

We provide customized nutrition coaching for active people who are frustrated by their current progress.

Real Solutions, Real Results

Your personal Registered Dietitian will provide individualized and science-based solutions that are realistic for your lifestyle.

We Come To You

By providing coaching via video conferencing, we are able to hold you accountable wherever your hectic schedule may take you.

Our Core Values

We Take Care of Ourselves

Our job is to help others take care of themselves because we understand the power and importance of a healthy lifestyle. We lead by example by pursuing whatever healthy means to us individually.

We Expect Greatness

Rather than strive for the best, we require it. We insist on greatness from our clients, our company, and most of all, ourselves.

We Are Authentic

While we are optimistic, we are also realistic. We provide discipline and guidance without judgment. We are genuine in our communication as we work to cultivate meaningful relationships.

We Obsess Over Client Happiness

We treat clients the way they want to be treated. We help people hit their goals, not our goals for them.

Not sure where to begin?

We can’t wait to talk with you and work together on bettering your nutrition. We look forward to answering your questions and seeing if our nutrition services can help you get maintainable RESULTS.

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What To Eat Before & After Your Workouts

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