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Nutrition Coaching Anytime, Anywhere

With RESULTS online nutrition coaching, anyone can meet with a nutritionist anytime and anywhere. RESULTS nutritionists conveniently come to you via video conferencing or phone call and work with you to develop solutions that are right for your lifestyle and goals, focusing on healthy habits you can realistically change.

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What happens during an initial session?

Where and how often do we meet?

How long do I need food coaching?

Do I need to track my food?

Do you offer workout routines?

What if I don’t need to lose weight?

Your Questions Answered

What to expect in an initial session?
Prior to your initial 1-hour session, you will complete lifestyle forms so your dietitian has a baseline understanding of you, your lifestyle and your goals. Because there is no one-size fits all every initial session is different, but we guarantee you learn something worthwhile.

You will get your nutrition questions answered and leave with realistic goals to start working on immediately. We don’t overall your entire lifestyle, but give you small simple tweaks to effectively and sustainably reach your goals.

After your session, your dietitian will send a detailed recap with your personalized nutrition recommendations.

Where do we meet? How often do we meet?
Our coaching is conveniently offered via video conferencing. No time wasted commuting to and from appointments. We meet you where it’s comfortable and convenient for you – at home, in your office or on the go. We help you wherever your active and busy lifestyle takes you.

After your initial session, there are no strings attached. Our most successful clients continue coaching and follow up every 2 weeks. As you reach your goals and habits become automatic, coaching transitions to once a month, then quarterly, then as needed.

How long do clients work with a dietitian?
To see results, consistency is key. Our most successful clients start with 6-12 months of coaching. We are proud to have clients who have been working with RESULTS dietitians for over 3 years!

Do I need to track my food?
In short, no. Some clients are wildly successful tracking while others get more stressed and overwhelmed by it – ultimately falling off with logging and then feeling demotivated. Tracking is not the right fit for everyone, but writing down what and when you eat can be a tool to keep you mindful and also can provide your dietitian with realistic data to better serve you! We are nonjudgemental whether you track, or not. Our clients see results because the accountability of routinely meeting provides the support you need to stay on track.

What if I don’t need to lose weight? Can I still benefit from working with a Dietitian?
Not all RESULTS clients have weight loss goals. Many successful clients simply want to understand their personalized nutrition needs and learn a science-based framework for making healthier choices. If you want to ditch unhealthy habits and pick up a healthier perspective on food and a more balanced lifestyle for years to come … RESULTS is for you.

Do you offer workout recommendations?
We stick within our scope and hold you accountable to a routine that makes you feel your best. We offer general suggestions for steps/day, workouts/week and suggestions for variety in types movements. If you’re interested in fitness recommendations, RESULTS Fit connects you with virtual, personalized fitness coaching from experts.

Do you weekly weigh in? How do you measure my progress?
It depends. Everyone has a different relationship with the scale. Weight loss is a long term goal and we know consistency in short term habits greatly impacts sustainable and maintainable weight loss. Did you know it’s normal for weight to fluctuate anywhere from 1 to 5 pounds in a day? If you who weigh daily or weekly, you may notice feeling demotivated even when you’re eating better and exercising regularly. Discussing weight can feel like a sensitive subject and our dietitians want to empower you to move in the direction of seeing success beyond the scale. If you want to self-report a weigh in to stay on track, we’re here to keep your accountable!
One more accurate measure of progress is a body composition analysis like a DXA body scan. Body scans are not necessary for all clients, but if your goal is to gain muscle or lower fat, body composition is a better indicator of progress than weight.

Other indicators of progress include: more energy, clothes fit better, sleeping better, better digestion, less stress around food and improved relationship with food.

Do you offer meal plans?
When RESULTS was founded, we proudly offered a more personalized approach to meal planning. We believe anyone can Google a 1400 Calorie meal plan and we know rigid diets are short lived and ultimately are ineffective, You may be able to follow a meal plan for a few days or weeks, but traditional meal plans are very unrealistic for the rest of your life.

Our practice is innovating and coaching includes access to EatLove meal plans. EatLove is a meal plan tool that allows dietitians and clients to collaborate on weekly meal plans. EatLove streamlines the entire process of healthy eating from grocery shopping to cooking and ultimately helps you think less about: “what am I going to eat?” Your dietitian recommends personalized meal plans online and you can swap meals and snacks to your liking and preferences. EatLove meal plans are truly individualized and take into account many factors of your lifestyle. EatLove is helpful whether you hate cooking and want to decrease time in the kitchen or love cooking and want to try new healthy recipes, whether you have a family to feed or you’re single, whether your goal is weight loss or healthy weight gain. EatLove is a resource for all our clients and EatLove users are 4x more successful with dietitian oversight.

In addition to access to EatLove, we still hand select and recommend recipes based on your preferences, lifestyle, allergies, sensitivities and cooking abilities.

How It Works

Complimentary Phone Call

Determine if we are a good fit for your needs and get all of your questions answered about our services. Schedule your free 15-minute phone call.

Initial Session

We will go over your completed intake forms in detail, establish short and long-term objectives and discuss immediate action steps. You will walk away with things to start working on immediately. Learn something worthwhile or your money back. Schedule your 1 hour assessment.

Follow Up Sessions

Meet with your personal nutritionist every 2 weeks for the highest rate of success in achieving your goals. Stay in contact with unlimited text and email support included between sessions. Learn more.

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