Michelle Baker

Registered Dietitian


  • Registered Dietitian since 2018
  • Certified Personal Trainer since 2017
  • Specializes in disordered eating
  • Always hunting for the world’s best chocolate chip cookie


A deep curiosity of improving athletic performance during high school sparked Michelle’s initial interest in health and wellness. During her senior year, she realized fueling her body with wholesome foods and balanced meals enhanced her running performance. Shaving off nearly 4.5 minutes from her first 5k cross country performance only two years earlier, Michelle learned to deeply appreciate the intricacies, nuances, and individuality of nutrition, health, and wellness. Throughout college, her interest and zeal blossomed further, as Michelle explored a variety of dietetic realms, from sports nutrition to diabetes, eating disorders, and more.

College exposed and revealed the harm of diet culture, weight bias, exercise addiction, and overall poor relationships with food and bodies, which solidified Michelle’s first endeavor into eating disorders. In June of 2018, about three weeks after graduating with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Physical Performance, Michelle obtained her first job as an Eating Disorder Dietitian at an inpatient Eating Recovery Center in St. Louis, Missouri. She continues to work here part time, still passionate as ever about helping others heal their relationship with food and their body, providing a realistic, sustainable approach to nutrition and fitness, and, most of all, learning from her resilient, dedicated, unique clients. Looking to expand the invaluable knowledge, skills, and wisdom this first career provided, Michelle desires to demonstrate and educate others about approaching health and wellness in a simplistic, intuitive, and maintainable manner.

As a registered dietitian, Michelle practices and strategizes health and wellness goals/interventions from a non-diet, all inclusive, empathetic perspective. She wholeheartedly believes that nutrition and fitness should serve a part of one’s life, not consume it. A testament to this belief, countless clients thank and appreciate Michelle for normalizing normal, sifting the truth, and guiding RESULTS. Constantly learning, staying curious and open minded, and empowering others to live fulfilling lives fuels her dreams and delivers alignment with her true values and absolutely rewarding “work.”

In her personal life, Michelle loves mountainous outdoors, eclectic coffee shops, adorable puppies, and thoughtful books, appreciates creative art and mindful environmentalism, prefers to game nights and bonfires more than loud, upbeat gatherings, and is absolutely fanatic about creating unique content, taking personality tests, sampling different exercise approaches, and taking at least one, little bite of Foodies’ favorite finds😊 Let’s work together to create a harmonious, carefree, gratifying life.

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What To Eat Before & After Your Workouts

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