Emily Champoux MPH, RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist


  • Registered Dietitian since 2019
  • From Minnesota and currently living in San Francisco
  • Her last name pronounced “shampoo”

Health is so much more than the food we put in our body and how we move, it’s about how we manage stress, how we feel in our body and so much more. As a dietitian, Emily’s approach focuses on small, realistic goals that her client’s can practice each and every day. With a holistic and weight inclusive approach to wellness, she believes our habits and mindset are the foundation of a happy and fulfilling life. You will find that her focus is never solely on weight loss or the number on the scale, but rather a more intuitive approach that focuses on creating habits that support her client’s in achieving the best version of themselves.

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What To Eat Before & After Your Workouts

What To Eat Before & After Your Workouts

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