Are you concerned about your relationship with food?

Emily specializes in helping clients who struggle with eating disorders, disordered eating recovery and chronic dieting.

Emily can help if you want to:

– Develop a healthier relationship with food and your body
– Conquer disordered eating
– Stop dieting and start living

She is looking for clients who are:

– Sick of dieting and seeking clarity around nutrition
– Wanting a sustainable lifestyle and not a quick fix
– Open to a different approach that focuses on how you feel and not what you weigh

Health is so much more than the food we put in our body and how we move, it’s about how we manage stress, how we feel in our body and so much more. As a dietitian, Emily’s approach focuses on small, realistic goals that her client’s can practice each and every day. With a holistic and weight inclusive approach to wellness, she believes our habits and mindset are the foundation of a happy and fulfilling life. You will find that her focus is never solely on weight loss or the number on the scale, but rather a more intuitive approach that focuses on creating habits that support her client’s in achieving the best version of themselves.

A deep curiosity of improving athletic performance during high school sparked Michelle’s initial interest in health and wellness. She realized fueling her body with wholesome foods and balanced meals enhanced her running performance. As a competitive athlete herself, Michelle has experience helping competitive athletes train properly to reach their goals.

College exposed and revealed the harm of diet culture, weight bias, exercise addiction, and overall poor relationships with food and bodies, which solidified Michelle’s specialization in further education into eating disorders.

Michelle is passionate about helping others heal their relationship with food and their body, providing a realistic, sustainable approach to nutrition and fitness. Michelle’s approach to health and wellness is simplistic, intuitive, and maintainable.

Her non-diet approach is all inclusive, open-minded and empathetic. She wholeheartedly believes that nutrition and fitness should serve a part of one’s life, not consume it. A testament to this belief, countless clients thank and appreciate Michelle for normalizing normal, sifting the truth, and guiding lasting results.

Michelle loves the mountainous outdoors, eclectic coffee shops and appreciates creative art. You’ll find her at a bonfire, taking personality tests or trying out different trendy exercises.

In addition to payment by credit and debit cards, we accept HSA debit cards as a form of payment. We do not handle insurance, but can provide you with a detailed receipt to submit to your insurance for potential reimbursement. Reimbursement rates vary for nutrition services provided by a Registered Dietitian. 

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What To Eat Before & After Your Workouts

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